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The Millennium Girl Series

The Millennium Girl series is here to send you back in time, a perfect short read for lovers of romantic comedies and chick-lit novels. Move over, Bridget Jones, there’s a new diarist in town, and the boys are better looking!

Book 1: Millennium Girl: Jessica’s Journey

Meet Jessica. 18 and a newly-minted adult in the year 2000.

Fresh out of private school and thrust into the heady world of new friendships, college, first jobs, prospective boyfriends and living in Croydon.

Re-live your 2000s with Jessica, and re-rewind to your teen years.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cringe, and you’ll be reminded of how grateful you are that phones didn’t have cameras back then!


Book 2: Millennium Girl: Blooming Heck

Jessica and the girls are back, and it’s almost Christmas in the year 2000. She’s dreaming of a Christmas when her boyfriend can sleep over, where they will sip hot chocolate with marshmallows in front of an open fire.

Just one problem…

No one likes her boyfriend, and she’s grounded.

Jessica wonders how being grounded is possible. She’s 19; she’s an adult. She goes to college. How is it even possible for her parents can make her stay home? It’s not as if she’s murdered, someone… All she did was lie about where she was and who she was with! What’s the big deal?

Then, of course, there’s the whole gift-giving aspect – what do you get the prince of your dreams when S Club 7 have just broken up?

Facing the bleakest Christmas ever, Jessica and her friends have to face the fact that adulting might not be that good…

Following on from Millenium Girl; Jessica’s Journey, Blooming Heck shares the highs and lows of having your first serious boyfriend over for Christmas, being parented as an adult, and as always with Jessica, what can go wrong does go wrong…

Will she finally end up with her prince and live happily ever after?


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